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Money MamaNo doubt about it – we want our kids to be healthy wealthy and happy!



We let them eat junk food, spend all their money and forget about their self-esteem.


Think about it…


  • If your child takes a dollar and spends a dollar, they’ll be broke!
  • If your child eats junk food they’ll be un-healthy.
  • If they’re un-healthy and broke they’ll be un-happy.

If we teach kids how to pay themselves first, give back and live within their means, they will always have enough money.


This is controlling your money.


When you learn how to control your money, you can then learn how to control your food and when you have control over your food and money you will be happy!


It really is that easy!


The 10/10/10/70 is the basic foundation necessary in learning how to control money. The sooner you practice this the better.


It’s all about habits.


Creating good habits early is our job as a parent.


After working with hundreds of parents I finally get it… you’re not comfortable teaching your kids about something you haven’t been taught yourself.


It’s like teaching algebra, I would not attempt it in a million years to teach it to my son, but I will hire a tutor or teacher because I trust that they will know what to teach to my son.


I’m sure the same applies to you with teaching your kids about money. The fear of teaching the wrong information stops you from teaching anything at all.


With that in mind we are creating interactive lessons for you and your kids.


Think of us as your tutor, teacher and support system with teaching your kids about money.


Because guess what…


You cannot afford to wait, you cannot afford not teach your kids about money and the longer you wait the harder it gets.


But no matter what age your child is it’s never to late.


  • We will teach you time tested lessons that work.
  • We will teach your children what they need to know about money and how to mange their money.

Along with money concepts we will be bringing in experts that will teach the same lessons relating to health and personal well-being.

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