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ING DIRECT Offering Crazy Bonuses Again/Don’t Miss Out

4th of July Financial Independence Day! Valid through July 3rd 2012

  • $152 Electric Orange – $76 for opening $76 for Direct Deposit
  • $27.76 Money Teen Card
  • $17.76 Kids Savings Account
  • $76 Refer a Friend Bonus
  • $76 Sharebuilder
  • $176/$276 Sharebuilder IRA

The promotions are aligned with America’s founding year of 1776, just in case you were wondering.

You already know why I love the Money Card for teens, but all of the other accounts are awesome also.

I have one of each and so do my kids!

 The Electric Orange is a great account for moms.

When your kids need money for an emergency or you don’t have cash on hand, you can transfer money instantly with a couple clicks to the Money Card or the Kids Savings Account.

Staying in-line with the Mommy Code of ethics, we only transfer earned money, or gifts that your child has received.

When I was creating the allowance chart I worked with Dr. Alvy Ph.D.  author of  The Power of Positive Parenting. I asked him what he thought of having kids earn money through allowance versus giving money for nothing in return.

He explained that earning is similar to a barter system, you do for me… I do for you. It keeps things in balance as a family. Plus it makes sure that nobody is taken advantage of and that the balance is not tipping to one side or the other.

We buy things for our kids because we love them.

  • Because they need things
  • Because they most likely do not have a job or source of income.
  • They have no choice but to rely on us to purchase the items they want.
  • So intern we can give them the power to earn and make the spending decisions with their own earned money.

If  you’re in a bind, and your child wants or needs money now… then say ok, I will transfer money but… what are you willing to do for me in return for that money.

More than likely they will offer something more than what you would of asked for. Try it out and see what happens.

I would to hear your feedback.

Investing for Kids!

If you have not taken advantage of Sharebuilder, they are offering $76 for doing so!
Great start to learning about the world of investing!

Don’t miss out, it is only offered for a limited time, click below and start working on your financial independence!


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