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Top 5 Topics Kids Wished Parents Talked More About

The latest T Rowe Price Kids & Money Survey shows that parents have the greatest influence on their kids when it comes to money.

Funny thing is, 32% of parents feel they talk with their kids very often, but only 24% of the kids felt the same way.

Thats almost a 10% difference.

So either parents aren’t talking or kids aren’t listening…

Honestly, kids trust what you say, but if money isn’t your best subject then I’m sure the conversation gets ugly, or you avoid it all together.

Topics Kids Wished Parents Talked More About

The top 5 topics kids want to know more about is exactly the top 5 topics we teach at Prosperity4kids. Saving, Investing, and Smart Spending are what we teach in Money Mama, and The Allowance Chart, teaches kids how to earn more money.

  • Saving 20%
  • How to Make More Money 18%
  • Allowance 12%
  • Investing 7%
  • Smart Spending 6%

Below you will see what didn’t make it into the top 5 topics. But no worries because when you teach children the top 5 things they do want to know, the bottom list will naturally be taught at the same time.

The bottom topics that kids want to know more about…

  • College 5%
  • Parent’s savings/income 4%
  • Banks & accounts 4%
  • Cost of Things 2%
  • Credit Cards 2%
  • Budgeting 2%
  • Other 9%

After years of working with families, I have found the hardest part is feeling comfortable enough to teach money concepts to your kids.

Top Three Fears From Parents

  • What if I teach the wrong thing
  • How can I teach something I don’t know myself
  • I don’t know where to start.

I’m excited to announce your worries are over, we’re going to teach your kids for you and save you the pain and aggravation with trying to teach your kids about money by trial and error.

The survey really shows where the disconnect is and we’re here to fill that void. This is just the first of many videos and learning tools we are creating.

The right education at the right time changes lives, and this is definitely the type of education that will change your child’s life and yours.

Not only will you be giving them an edge few others have or know about, but you are also protecting your future as well.

Click on the link below to start the journey on raising money smart kids!

  • If you or your child has any questions feel free to leave a comment below or email me at


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