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The Talent Code – Greatness Isn’t Born – It’s Grown – Here’s How

I absolutely fell in love with the title, I loved it even more once I read it!

We’re always looking for the secret that will propel our kids into success, and building on our kids talent is a great start.

This book talks about how you unlock that talent. David Coyle is a New York Times best-selling author he created this book for parents, teachers, coaches, and business people. Really, anyone who is interested in the tools to maximize the potential in themselves and others.

This book shows how cutting edge neurology and first-hand research can help you – help your kids increase their talent.

Coyle explains there are three factors…

  • Deep practice – we’ve all been told practice makes perfect. It’s the key to success. But what we don’t know is that a certain type of practice, will increase skill up to 10 – times faster than regular practices.
  • Ignition - Basically what he’s saying is that we all need a little motivation to get started. Commitment, passion and deep unconscious desire is the key to accessing our true talent.
  • Master coaching- is the secret to be an effective teacher, trainer and coach (and parent). He calls it “talent whispers”. And what they do is inspire deep practice, fuel passion and bring out the best in their student’s.

Coyle explains that these three key elements, will allow you to develop your gifts and optimize your performance in sports, art, music, math, or just about anything else you’re passionate about.

I can recognize when my kids are learning at a deeper level or when they get that ah-hah moment. Coyle also mentions a favorite of mine…which is, when you fail, is when true learning starts to happen.

And it’s not the big things you do, it’s all the little things, it’s about teaching your kids there’s nothing wrong with making a mistake. As long as you recognize your mistakes, you fix them, then you can grow.

When all of the elements work together within your brain, it forms something called myelin, which is a microscopic neural substance. This substance adds vast amounts of speed and accuracy to your movements and thoughts!

The book explains how when you create certain patterns of targeted practice, you can build incredible skill. He calls it accelerated learning and cracking the talent code.

I love when scientific information is brought into everyday life. Myelin by some neurologists is now considered to be the Holy Grail in acquiring skill.

So in conclusion, when you take the elements of deep practice, ignition, and master coaching and throw in some myelin. Which adds vast amounts of speed and accuracy to your movements, and thoughts you have a winning combination.

Coyle says myelin helps form all kind of greatness from Michelangelo to Michael Jordan.

The good news also…it’s not fixed at birth, not all great people are born with special talents. To the contrary it grows and can be cultivated and nourished.

This is a must read! I got mine on Amazon! I’m excited about his new book coming out called the Little Book of Talent due out the end of August!

Also visit the website at The Talent Code dot com and check out his blog.



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