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Money & Me Activities for Kids “The Road to Wealth”

Teaching kids about money is fun and easy!

What better way then through activities, games and puzzles.

Each week we will be featuring an activity
for kids that will teach them not only about money but about life.

Kids are the coolest people in the world and it’s our job to make sure they know that!

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The Road to Wealth Activity

Designed to teach children that money gives you more than materialist things.

As children grow, society impresses on them that what they have is more important than who they are.

As we all know that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Click here to download TheRoadtoWealth-1 the activity sheet.

The 10/10/10/70 Activity









Spending 100% of what you have leads to being broke!

Figure out the real equation to wealth!

Click here to download the 10:10:10:70 activity sheet.

Money Memory 








Research has found that a child’s long term memory starts to develop at the age of 3.

Read full article about Memory Scaffolding.

Use these activities to help engage your child in the wonderful world of Money!


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