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New! Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs for iPad

Children deserve to know all they can about (Money) a subject that will affect every aspect of their life.

The New Edition of Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs, Children’s book is now available in the iBooks Store!

We have added new videos so children can learn more about what it means to give, invest, save and spend wisely.

Money Mama has 5 Star reviews!

Check it out in iBooks!

This is the How To for Teaching Kids Money. She gives kids the knowledge to build the foundations they need to understand money as they grow.

Kids Understand Concepts Early

Scientist have proof that children start building their long term memory at the age of three years old.

A child’s memory is the building blocks for learning and essential in developing positive habits.

Money Mama is designed to help create conversations about money in four key areas. Giving, Investing, Saving, and Spending.

Starting with giving, children learn about how they can make a difference in the world they live in by helping people, animals and nature. As your child grows they will recognize different situations in the giving process. They will be able to pull from their memory and recognize when they practice the act of giving.

Most children have never heard the word investing especially at the age of three.  But investing is a vital element of money and creating a secure financial future.

Many people leave this concept out, and only discuss saving, giving and spending. But investing is what makes money grow. You cannot create wealth by saving money alone.

Through Money Mama’s saving piggy children learn the right way to save money, and when they save money this way they can create a bright and shiny future.

The last subject which everyone knows is spending. But most children don’t realize that spending is a choice and we have to choose wisely.

Vocabulary of Money

Money Mama introducing the vocabulary children need to develop positive money habits. When children are taught these basic foundations in the preschool years it’s as natural as learning to read and write.

A child can’t learn to read unless they know the ABC’s. Or learn to add unless they know how to count. Same thing applies to money.

When children are learning their 123’s children should be learning about pennies nickels dimes and quarters.

It’s easy, and should be fun and creative.

Check out Money Mama & The Three Little Kids, Children’s book. I guarantee you will love it, and if not I will refund your money, no questions asked!
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