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Make Money Kids … Right Now!

How to Make Money - ChalkboardThe number one question from all kids no matter what the age is…

Drum roll…

How do I get, have and earn more money?

Unfortunately you learn quickly money doesn’t fall from the sky!

Before I go on, one little word of advice… if you want money, it’s going to take work, commitment and diligence.  And FYI don’t do anything that’s illegal, hurtful or will land you in jail.

Kids today are smart! Unfortunately you’re too young to get a real job, but you’re not too young to earn money!

Summer will be here before you know it. If you’re in school, then start networking with your friends and see who else is looking to earn some extra money!

Then take a look at these ideas below.

Start a Business

Rent a Kid – Every parent is busy-busy and would love to hire a kid who is willing to engage their children in a sport, schoolwork or just to play and have fun. If you’re responsible, accountable, and trustworthy rent yourself out to families in the neighborhood!

Coach a Kid – Doesn’t matter if you are a math wiz or a sports star and anything in-between. All kids younger then you can use your guidance and knowledge of how to become better at anything. You can be their mentor in all areas.

Write a Book – and sell it! iBooks Author  lets you create and publish Multi-Touch books for the iPad. Amazon has a platform to publish books for Kindle called Kindle Direct Publishing. Check it out, there is a small investment to upload your books for a year, but it might be worth it. If you have a network of people you can start talking about it and do some pre-selling.

Design Things – From jewelry to websites, people are willing to pay others to do what they cannot or don’t want to do themselves. Put your thinking cap on and think about what you’re great at and get creative. There are websites that let you raise money for your ideas. – Check out this amazing video and what the future of the work environment hopefully will look like for you! If you don’t know how to write code I hope you learn! It will be the language of the future and you can do some amazing things with it!

Sell Something – My son and his friends are constantly selling old items from toys, sports equipment to old bikes we don’t use anymore. They have had the best of luck on Craigslist, but just make sure you’re with your friends or an adult when you meet with the customer. NEVER GO ALONE!

Check this out for another way to earn money through compound interest

Now use your head!

Get Creative!

Don’t be lazy!

And go out and make some money!!!

Parents stop being an ATM machine, let your kids become creative, independent and inspired to make it on their own. You’re their safety net not their savior.

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