A+ Allowance

Allowance made easy! It doesn’t get much better than this! And it’s FREE!!!

Set your kids jobs for the week, decide how much they will earn and away they go!

A+ Allowance App
  • Pick your weekly chores and assign a weekly amount.
  • Automatically creates an amount for each chore.
  • Edit the amount of each chore if needed.
  • Add additional chores on certain days.
  • Each day check off what you have completed.
  • Watch your earnings grow!
  • Daily account of earnings.
  • At the end of each week you income is automatically calculated into the 10/10/10/70 concept.
 Which is 10% giving, 10% investing,10% savings and the remaining 70% is for Spending.
  • When you follow this concept you will without doubt create wealth in your life!
  • The App can be used alone or in conjunction with the “It’s Only a Dollar Until You Add to It!” Allowance Chart

It’s here!!!
Click here to visit the iTunes store and download A+Allowance

The App has gone through three updates, and now we feel we have gotten all the bugs out.

If you find anything, please let us know!