How I Got Taken by a Debit Card! Part II


So just when I thought this was over, I started thinking… “Hey” “Where is my money? I know it’s only two dollars but…it’s the point, right? What if 20,000 people did not follow through with finding out where their $2.50 went? How much would the bank make? $50,000.00 Wow! So I called… and guess what! […]

How I got Taken by a DEBIT CARD!


I’m pretty savvy when it comes to cards, credit cards, teen cards etc. I have learned first hand, and I know what it feels like to be in debt! I have had years of practice digging out. So I know what to look for,I know where the fine print is; I know what to teach […]

3 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Compound Interest

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Teaching children the power of investing should be mandatory in kindergarten. Why? Because kids have the greatest asset of all… time! It’s no secret that we all want our children to grow up to be the best they can be. We want them to be successful, to feel secure, and to attain their dreams. We […]

Investing in Your Kids is a Sure Thing!


As a parent, you want to teach your children everything there is to know to succeed in life. And because you have the biggest influence in their lives, you must always think about what you’re teaching and the habits you’re instilling in them. Especially when it comes to money. Think back to what you were […]