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3 Steps to Starting a Summer Business for Kids

Tweet It’s Summer… kids are out of school… now what! After about a week, the natives start getting restless. I always felt summer was more expensive then the school year, and much more work to try and keep my kids …
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Money Tips That Grow With Your Children (Infograph)

Tweet I love info-graphics! Mostly because I’m a visual learner and I can learn more from pictures than from words. Of course I like this one because it’s about kids and money! Courtesy of CreditDonkey

Heidi Klum Pays Kids to Eat Healthy, One Smart Mama!

Tweet Even though some people think it’s terrible to pay your kids to do anything. There’s finally a paradigm shift happening! For the most part many people are realizing it’s better to reward your kids with something that will teach …
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The Best Way to Teach Kids the Vocabulary of Money

Tweet I was having a conversation the other day with a father and he said to me … “why would I burden my child with learning money?” I asked, why would you call it a burden? He then said, money …
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Make Money Kids … Right Now!

Tweet The number one question from all kids no matter what the age is… Drum roll… How do I get, have and earn more money? Unfortunately you learn quickly money doesn’t fall from the sky! Before I go on, one …
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The Worst Things You Can Say to Your Kids About Money

Tweet Kids are Natural Born Askers As parents we need to encourage their asking ability. One day they’ll be asking for a job, asking for a raise and asking for a hand in marriage. When you discourage your child’s asking …
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Teaching Kids Money and Compound Interest

Tweet First Lesson in teaching kids about Compound Interest is…  It’s Money Time! Time = Money – The more time you have the more money you can make… right? That’s the first lesson in compound interest. One Dollar invested daily …
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Tapping into the “How” in Raising Money Smart Kids

Tweet In the Little Book of Talent Daniel Coyle talks about how most people’s problem with taping their talent or the talent of their children revolves around the word “how”. The word “how” comes into play in just about everything we do …
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Money & Me Activities for Kids “The Road to Wealth”

Tweet Teaching kids about money is fun and easy! What better way then through activities, games and puzzles. Each week we will be featuring an activity for kids that will teach them not only about money but about life. Kids are …
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New! Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs for iPad

Tweet Children deserve to know all they can about (Money) a subject that will affect every aspect of their life. The New Edition of Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs, Children’s book is now available in the iBooks Store! …
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