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How to use Money Mama

Money Mama

If we could name Money Mama “Where was this when I was a Kid? Everyone could relate instantly!

Money Mama makes learning about money simple and simply sets your kids on the road to wealth… even if you have taken a detour…

Your kids won’t even know they are learning, but you will know the education they need is at their fingertips.

Money Mama teaches kids exactly what they need to know about money … when they need to know it…  in the developmental years.

Kids who use Money Mama get excited because they now know they have a plan for their money!

Kids get excited when they see Money Mama, unlike other piggy banks that teach save and spend… Money Mama teaches kids how to create wealth.

No other piggybank on the market has four piggybanks in one, each with their own personality and compartment!

Envelops, one slot piggy banks and jars cannot come close to what kids will experience with Money Mama.

Before Money Mama

My kids had four separate banks; as you can imagine the biggest

problem was keeping track of eight banks…

I went in search of someone who could create Money Mama…

every ceramic maker said it’s impossible to make a four-chambered bank, but as you can see we did it!

Money Mama is handmade with four separate compartments, each with their own slots and plugs.

She’s not an easy bank to make, but her education is priceless and worth every cent.

To make your life easy, have a bag of change, with lots of dimes and quarters.

In the mean time have your kids start gathering all their stashed money.

You can implement a Money Scavenger Hunt for children 7 and under.

Making this fun is key for your child… research has proven most kids under the age
of seven learn best through a story,

so start with something like this…

“Do you want to be wealthy or poor when you get older?” … Duh, Wealthy!

Great then Money Mama will show you the road to wealth.

When you look closely at Money Mama you will see she is no ordinary pig…  each piggy has a story to tell…

The first piggy has her hand out like she is giving something away; you put 10¢ in her to help people animals and nature.

The second piggy has his hands up like he is building a fort; 10¢ goes in him to build your financial future.

The third piggy has his hands crossed in front, like he is saving something.

10¢ goes in him so you will have a bright and shiny future and have money in case you need it later or for emergencies.

Then the Mama holds the 70¢ for spending wisely. This money is the money that you can spend, but she asks you to always take a moment and think about what you are buying.

Also, if there is something you want… and do not have enough for…

The Mama is where you save your money, until you have enough to buy the item you are saving for.

This shows kids that there is more to do with money then just spending it.

We all know how to spend money, but when you can learn how to give, invest, save and spend wisely, true wealth happens.

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A+ Allowance App – 


The Smarter Way to Pay an Allowance, When? Why? & How Much!

Allowance is one of the best tools for teaching the value of money. It can create good habits, break bad habits and change behavior.

Don’t think of allowance as “Paying Your Kids” think of it as a tool for teaching financial literacy and an introduction to the wonderful world of money.

Children can start earning an allowance as soon as they know money gets them what they want… this depends on the personality of your child, if at age two he wants anything and everything in site, then its time for some money lessons. If your child has little or no interest in wanting everything they see then they are not quiet ready for the first rule of money… how you earn it.

The amount you pay a child depends on the family income not age or ranking. I want you to look back over the month and do your best to remember all the things you bought your child that was a un-necessity.

Things like candy, videos, toys, CD’s trinkets and other extra’s.

This will be the amount you will then allow your child to earn through out the month. This will not cost you any more money and probably save you some money in the long run.

Sit with your child and explain they are going to start earning an allowance for certain chores, and from now on they are going to use their own earned income to buy the items that you used to buy for them.

Allow your kids to earn money for anything that they are not doing right now!

If your child is not making their bed, brushing their teeth, or cleaning their room, start with that.

Experts say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Once your child gets in the habit of doing those chores automatically, you can stop paying for the previous chores and move on to other things like cleaning the bathroom, laundry, etc.

The next time you are going out into the market place remind your child to bring their money; because now they will purchase the items you used to buy for them. You will probably find that your child will make better choices with their money versus your money and will probably think twice before letting go of their cash. If they find something they want then encourage them to do some research to find the best price.

I always have my children visit a family friendly free classified website like eBay classifieds. Your child will start to see that sites like these are full of items they might want, but also they will see this as another way to earn money by selling items that they have no use for anymore.

This will help your child understand that there are several ways to earn money besides allowance and open their eyes to the wonderful world of money.