Money Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Reports state that kids and adults will not take the time to pick up anything less than a $1 off the ground!

Crazy… money is money, no matter where it is.

Has your child ever said, – It’s just a penny? – What they may not  understand is that a penny or nickel can transform into real buying power with a little appreciation.

Initiating a Money Scavenger Hunt.

Have your child imagine all of the places that money can “hide,” in drawers, behind the couch pillows, under the bed, in pants pockets old purses and the like.

Then join in as she searches for all the loose change and even bills tucked away about the house.

You’ll probably notice that with each bit of change she discovers, the excitement intensifies.

Once your child has searched high and low have her sit down and start adding up all of these little money seeds. Using the example of a apple seed, explain that this little seed does not look like an apple but, when it’s planted properly and nurtured it grows into a big apple tree bearing many apples which can feed her for a lifetime.

Money works in much the same way, when each money seed has value children will start to understand that even though a penny is just a penny… when you add to it, it will grow into their own money tree.

The bank is the planting ground and as they add pennies, nickels dimes, quarters and dollars to the bank your child will start to see the fruit of their labor.

As the fruit is nurtured with interest it will start to compound and double just like the apples do on a tree.

Money may not grow on a tree, but it can definitely grow like a tree!

Encourage children to start their own money tree.

And in the future, they will be thanking you all the way to the bank!